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Detailing Services

Below is a menu of G42 detailing services. You can make a request by filling out the form following the menu. One of our team members will follow-up and can answer any questions you might have. You can also reach out directly if you would like to review some of the options and create a more personalized appearance plan for your car!

What We


Basic Hand Wash

Your car is treated to a gentle exterior wash. All surfaces are cleaned, including paint, chrome, glass, and wheels. If you prefer we will also apply a tire dressing. (optional, and options range from matte, to high shine)

  • Cars: $50

  • SUV: $60

  • Full Size SUVs, Trucks, Vans: $70


Standard Exterior Detail

Your car is constantly being exposed to seen and unseen environmental elements. This causes light blemishes, scratches and swirls to appear. To correct these light imperfections, we offer the Standard Exterior Detail. Your car is washed, and the paint is decontaminated with a clay bar treatment, then we will polish the painted surfaces to remove those light imperfections. Once the gloss has returned we apply a coat of either synthetic or carnauba wax. Your glass will also be cleaned, and wheels and tires shined! 

  • $575+ (Based on paint condition and vehicle size)

    • Please note, if your paint condition requires a multi-step process, we will advise prior to beginning.​


Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coatings protect and shine for years with proper maintenance. A paint correction is recommended prior to application.

  • $1,029+ paint preparation


Paint Decontaminate

For cars that need just a little more attention. Your car is treated to a gentile wash, then the painted surfaces are decontaminated by hand using the appropriate clay bar. Lastly, a coat of synthetic or carnauba wax is applied.

  • $400+ (based on paint condition, and vehicle size.)​


Exterior Paint Correction

Is your paint in need of more attention than a simple 1-step process? Are you looking to apply a ceramic coating to new paint? Do you intend to PPF any portion of your vehicle? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the the full paint correction is just what you are looking for.

We begin just like a Standard Exterior Detail by washing, and decontaminating your paint, then we begin a multi-step paint polish and preparation procedure. This level of paint work must be followed up with either 2 coats of wax, a PPF application, or a ceramic coating. (

  • $925+ (Based on paint condition and vehicle size)


Ceramic Coating Maintenance

As durable as your ceramic coating is, it is exposed to the elements, and proper maintenance will help it to provide the best protection and appearance for the longest period of time. Based on your vehicle's use you generally only need to have your coating maintained 1-3 times a year.

  • $181


Basic Interior Cleaning

Your interior is where you spend all of your time when you are enjoying your car. That means it probably needs some attention!

A Basic Interior Cleaning will keep your interior up to par by blowing out all of the cracks and crevices, vacuuming all of the soft surfaces, wiping down all of the hard and non-porous surfaces and even getting the stubborn finger prints off of those touch screens! 

  • Cars: $175

  • SUV/ Trucks: $185

  • Full Size SUV: $195

    • Carpet Shampoo additional $150​


Complete Interior Detail

Taking the Basic Interior Detail to the next level, our Complete Interior Detail will impress!​

You get all of the same attention as the Basic Interior Cleaning, plus steam cleaning of seats and door panels, carpets shampooed, and a protectant applied to sun-prone surfaces. (matte or bright finishes available)

  • Cars $325

  • SUV/ Trucks: $335

  • Full Size SUV: $345


Paint Protection Film

The ultimate in paint protection, we offer STEK PPF film, applied in-house by our own factory trained staff.

Please call for pricing and options.


*Please note with all detailing services that pricing is dependent upon condition of vehicle. 

-Other services may be available upon request-

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