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Q. How do I schedule a pick-up or drop off for my car?
A. By using the customer G42 portal you’re able to schedule activities such as this along with detailing, paint protection film installation, service appointments, and car transportation.


Q. Can I pick up my car after hours? 
A. Yes! We require a one-hour notice before we close during normal business hours. We have an after-hours pick-up area that will securely hold your car until your arrival. 


Q. Can I drop off my car after hours?
A. Yes! Using the same after-hours pick-up location, you’ll be able to drop your car off.


Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes! We're fully insured to store your vehicle, however each vehicle must be registered and insured with your insurance company, and our facility named as a garaging address. 


Q. How secure is your facility?

A. By using the latest industry security systems such as video surveillance, motion detectors, alarm system, and key code access we've made sure that your car is safe with us.

Q. Can anyone come into your facility and take photos of the cars?
A. No. We pride ourselves on the privacy of our customers and their cars. 


Q. Can I store my car for a short period of time? 
A. Yes! Contact us so that we can discuss with you the various options we have available.


Q. Can I have someone other than myself come by to pick up my car?
A. Yes! We’ll need a confirmation from you to authorize this. Once completed, you’ll be able to have anyone pick up your car that is authorized.

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