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1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe

We were able to obtain this phenomenal 911 from it's original owner in the Pacific Northwest. 100% original, from driveline components, to paint and interior this car truly is a time capsule. If you are in the market for a truly special, first year 3.2L G-body Porsche, this is it. They are only original once, and the patina and aura cannot be replicated. 

  • 37,900 original miles

  • 3.2L fuel injected flat 6-cylinder engine

  • 5-speed manual transmission

  • One owner

  • Original tools 

  • Original books, with period service stamps

  • Compression reading between 175-180 psi

  • Original paint

  • Original interior

1984 Porsche 911 Carrera-2.jpg

Following up on the success of the Porsche 356 is a tall order, fortunately for Porsche they introduced a car that would prove to be the most successful, revered, and best loved cars of all time. The 911.

Introduced in 1963 and first delivered to the US in 1965 the 911 was an immediate success. Simple design, approachable styling, and a robust drivetrain drew buyers to the showroom. The scintillating performance and handling prowess are what birthed the now legendary status of the 911.  For 1984 Porsche was set to replace the 911 SC 3.0 with the 3.2L Carrera. Not only was the SC a sales success, with 58,000 units sold, but was also the model that saved the 911 from extinction. The Carrera 3.2 would surely have some large shoes to fill. By increasing the engine displacement from 3.0 liters to 3.2 liters, improving the engine electronics by adopting L-Jetronic DME, better oil fed chain tensioners, and improved oil cooling the Carrera 3.2 was better than the SC by any measure. Introduced in 1984 and running until 1989, the Carrera 3.2 was the last 911 as all subsequent variations were to come with a new chassis, brake, and suspension designs.   

This beautiful 1984 911 Carrera 3.2 comes to Garage 42 from a single owner. The car is an absolute time capsule, showing original paint marks on all under hood clamps and hoses, and with original plating in amazing condition. All the books and tools are included with the car, along with the original window sticker.

The car recently had a complete service, including a valve adjustment, and all head studs were checked and found to be in perfect condition. At the same time a compression check was performed with all cylinders reading between 175-180psi. Paint meter readings taken show the paint to be absolutely original and come in between 3.8-5.9mils.

This is your opportunity to own one of the finest early 3.2L air cooled 911s on the market. Cars in this condition do not come to market often and are even less common as a one owner example.

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